Seizure Detector Warning ‘Pips’

pebble-screenshot_2015-04-04_22-15-57A new version (v1.11a) of the OpenSeizureDetector Android App is now available on Google Play Store.

This fixes an issue where brief interruptions in communications between the watch and the phone (I don’t know what causes it!), results in the phone app issuing fault warning ‘pips’ until communications are restored.   This is usually only a few seconds, but it is annoying!

The new version introduces an Screenshot_2015-03-22-17-06-29extra time out period where the app waits for data from the watch before it issues the fault warning noise.   You can change the timeouts in the settings menu in the app if necessary.

See Pebble Watch Seizure Detector for more details.

Are there any other annoying ‘features’ that users would like to see fixed?