Fixed Problem with Google Play Listing

Michael Long has reported a problem with the Pebble Seizure Detector Server App which is that if you have a device that does not have mobile telephony capability, the seizure detector app does not appear in the Google Play store listing for the device.   This is because the app has the capability of sending SMS alarms, but this feature will not work if the device does not have a mobile phone included.

I have just uploaded an update to the app, which makes telphony optional, which should fix this and allow the app to be installed on tablet computers etc. that do not include mobile phones.   This should appear in Play store in a few hours time.  I don’t know how to test if this minor change has fixed the problem or not though, so there may be another attempt later….

For those who struggle to install it through Play Store, I have included the compiled version of the app in the Github Repository so you can download it from there and follow Mike’s instructions for installing it.

Thanks for reporting this, Mike!