Improving Seizure Detector User Interface

I am working on a re-write of the OpenSeizureDetector alarm system. Most of the changes are not visible to the user – they are making it possible to use different detector hardware like the Embrace watch when it is available, but some will affect the user interface, so I’d appreciate any feedback before I do the update….

One change I am thinking of is to include some indicators to show how far the system is off alarming (at the moment I look at the graph on the display, but that is not easy to interpret).  The indicators are two horizontal bars which extend as either of the two seizure detection parameters increases – when both get to 100% (filling the screen), the system alarms – they change colour to show how close to the alarm level they are:

  • blue = ok,
  • yellow = close to alarm level,
  • red = exceeded alarm level)

(See the Seizure Detection Algorithm page for more details of how it works).

I wondered what users think of the idea – is it an improvement?  Would there be a better way of showing it (I am wondering about two semi circular lines that meet when the system is in an alarm state?), are the lines a bit too thin and dainty?  Does anyone look at the graph or should we scrap it and go for a much simpler user interface?

Both Power and Spectrum Ratio OK
Power OK but Spectrum Ratio very close to alarm level (ie we have movement in the right frequency range, but the movement is too small to alarm)
Both power and spectrum ratio exceeding the alarm level (we have large movement in the correct frequency range)

Thoughts?   The source code for this version is in the new project github repository under the “v2.0” branch (


Graham (email

Splitting Git Repository

The OpenSeizureDetector git repository has become quite big, and contains several different applications.  This means it is difficult to use the GitHub issue tracking tools and commit logs to see what is happening with different apps.

So, I have split it by doing the following:

  1. Created an OpenSeizureDetector organisation on github.
  2. Transferred ownership of the OpenSeizureDetector repository to the new organisation.
  3. Checked out the repository to ~/OpenSeizureDetector, and created a new directory ~/OpenSeizureDetector_split then:
    1. Create a copy of the whole OpenSeizureDetector Repository
      cd ~/OpenSeizureDetector_split
      git clone ../OpenSeizureDetector
    2. Filter it down to just the required folder
      git filter-branch --prune-empty --subdirectory-filter pebble_version/Android_SD_Client_AS/ master
    3. Create a new repository under the OpenSeizureDetector organisation in Github (using the github web interface) (called for example Android_SD_Client.git)
    4. Copy our new trimmed down repository to a sensible folder name:
      cd ~/OpenSeizureDetector_Split
      git clone OpenSeizureDetector Android_SD_Client
    5. Point the new copy to the new github repository:
      cd Android_SD_Client
      git remote set-url origin
    6. And finally push it up to github with
      git push

Added Fall Detection Function

We have added a simple fall detection function to the OpenSeizureDetector app.   This means that the system will alarm if either the shaking associated with a tonic-clonic seizure is detected, or if a period of free-fall followed by large acceleration, which could indicate a person falling to the ground is detected.   See Seizure Detection Algorithm for more info.

The fall detection function is disabled by default and needs to be switched on using the Android app settings screen.

Please report any issues (or successes) with this new version (Android App and Pebble App).