Use of AngelSensor as a Seizure Detector

I have just bought an Angel Sensor M1 wristband to try it out as an alternative seizure detector to the Pebble.

The OpenSeizureDetector Android App is written to allow extra ‘data sources’ to be used, so I will have a go at writing a DataSorurce that uses the angel sensor instead of the pebble.   The first effort will be to repeat the same functionality as you get with the Pebble, then extend it to use the other sensors such as skin conductivity and heart rate.   This should reduce the number of false alarms compared to the Pebble…If I can make it work!

Initial findings:

  • The Open Source Angel Sensor Android app installed ok and said it was scanning looking for the device.
  • The instructions ( said press the button on the device to switch it on – it was hard to see the button – there is a hard plastic blister on the top, but it doesn’t move when you squeeze it.   Started to think the device is dead…..
  • Tried plugging it into the charger – the LEDs in the device came on, which is a good sign, but nothing else.
  • Waited a while…..
  • Now squeezing the plastic blister on the device makes it vibrate a bit – I think long and short presses do different things….
  • After a few presses must have managed to switch it on and the phone app connected to it – phone app displaying temperature and has placeholders for other parameters such as steps and heart rate, but they are not displaying values….  Display says battery is