Problem on Android V6?

We recently set up a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Running Android V6.0.1) to run as a Network Data Source to act as a remote alarm annunciator for Benjamin’s seizure detector, connected using WiFi.   We have been using this system for a couple of years – we were just using a different tablet computer.

Since we set it up it has go into an odd state twice – where it appears like it should be in a Fault condition, issuing fault ‘pips’, but it is not, and the status is shown as OK, with the data time shown as 00:00 – see screenshot below.

This is a significant failure of OpenSeizureDetector, because I designed it to do self checking to warn the user if something was not right, and it is not doing it.

Has anyone else seen this and not reported it?   It may be limited to the ‘Network Data Source’ mode of operation, and I don’t think many people are using that, but please let me know if you have seen it, as I haven’t spotted the cause of it yet.










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