Improved Alarm Reliability

When Benjamin had his seizure a couple of weeks ago I was surprised that OpenSeizureDetector re-set for a while after alarming – I had expected it to stay in alarm continuously until the shaking movements stopped.   I think that this was because he fell backwards and the algorithm saw that as a lot of movement outside of the shaking frequency range, so said it was ok.   This is not what I want to happen……

I have adjusted the algorithm slightly so that the system is in an ‘ALARM’ state in one analysis period, but the alarm thresholds are not met in the next one, it goes back to ‘WARNING’ rather than ‘OK’.   This means that if the next analysis period satisfies the alarm thresholds again it will go back to full ALARM.

In practice this means that the system will make beeping noises throughout rather than going quiet for 10 seconds or so.

I have put a video on the Facebook page.

This change is not as well tested as things that I usually publish, so I have not released another version of the Android App, but have made the watch app available here: DOWNLOAD Watch App V2.6.

To install,

  • access this post from the device running OpenSeizureDetector.
  • Click on the Download Link above (accept any warnings about downloading files).
  • When Download completes, open the file.  If given the option, select the Pebble app to open it.
  • Say Yes to the question about installing an external file.
  • The OpenSeizureDetector watch app should

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