Update to OpenSeizureDetector Android App

I need to update the OpenSeizureDetector Android App (https://github.com/OpenSeizureDetector/Android_Pebble_SD).   This is because the rules on apps having direct access to telephone and SMS services are changing, and if I don’t update how I do SMS messages, the app will be deleted from the Google Play Store.

Now since I don’t do many updates the the App, I am thinking of doing a few other changes at the same time, so the changes will be:

  1. Change method of sending SMS text messages to be consistent with the new rules.
  2. Add an extra ‘Passive Network Data Source’ which seems to be the way to communicate with alternative devices such as Garmin and Fitbit smart watches.
  3. Add the skeleton of a ‘BLE Data Source’ that I will use for the (possible) future Open Hardware seizure detection watch.
  4. See if I can work out why we sometimes end up with more than one copy of the background service running, which can cause some odd behaviours when you change settings.

Are there any other ‘features’ that are a annoying users that you would like me to have a look at as part of this update?   Please either post to the Facebook Page, or drop me an email with any thoughts (graham@openseizuredetector.org.uk).



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