New Version of Pebble Watch based Epileptic Seizure Detector

pebble-screenshot_2015-04-04_22-15-57Today I have published a new version of the Pebble Watch App Seizure Detector and the associated Android Server App (Versions 1.1 and 1.10 respectively)

The system is designed to monitor for a tonic-clonic epileptic seizure by detecting movement of the wrist, and raise an alarm so a parent/carer can check on the person suffering the seizure.

Screenshot_2015-04-04-22-09-47Details of what it does and how it works are available on the Pebble Watch Seizure Detector page of the web site.

These changes mean that I have added all of the functionality that I intended to provide for the system, so it is essentially ‘finished’.

The will of course be bugs and ‘features’ that I can address, but I do not envisage any major changes in functionality now, unless someone has a bright idea for something to add that I have not thought of!

As always, comments and information on testing results would be much appreciated (email, or

There are a few other people working on seizure detection at the moment – have a look at the Similar Projects page for links to them.

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