Issues with Pebble Time [Solved?]

Before Christmas I released an updated version of the OpenSeizureDetector watch app that will run on a Pebble Time, and at least one user got it working ok.  Another user recently reported that although the app runs on the Pebble Time, it does not send data to the phone.

I have made an updated version of the phone app addresses these issues, so if you are using OpenSeizureDetector on a Pebble Time, or a Pebble Classic using the “Pebble Time” phone app, I would recommend using  version 2.0c of OpenSeizureDetector.   Screenshots of V2.0 shown below – it now includes ‘approach to alarm’ indicator bars.

(Note that this version is a test one, so you may have to allow ‘untrusted sources’ in your android settings to get it to install – once I am happy that it is working ok, I will release it on Play Store.)



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