OpenSeizureDetector V2.0 Preview

I am pretty close to releasing V2.0 of the OpenSeizureDetector Android App.

If anyone would like to try it out, and feedback any difficulties or suggestions, you can get the app from the projects github repository:  app-release-2.0d.apk.

The main changes from the 1.x version currently on Android Play store are:

  1. Added start-up screen that shows the bits of the system starting and confirms they work before showing the main screen.
    1. If pebble datasource is selected, start-up screen has an option to
      open the pebble app to manage pebble connection issues, and to install the watch-app directly.
  2. The main screen has been tidied up a bit, and now includes bar graphs to show how close to alarming the current movement is..
  3. Settings screen broken down into different logical screens to make it easier to find a setting to change.
    1. Changing a setting now re-starts the whole app to make sure the new setting is being used.
  4. Added an ‘about’ page with links to web site and copyright and acknowledgement notices.
  5. Added ability to latch alarms so they have to be actively accepted to silence the alarm, rather than it re-setting when the movement stops.
  6. Fixed problem with the system being difficult to shut down if as multiple instances of main screen could be active at once.
  7. It is now compatible with both the original Pebble Android App and the new Pebble Time Android App, and works with both the original Pebble and Pebble Time watches.
  8. Merged the ‘server’ and ‘client’ apps into one, so you can select the ‘data source’ in settings to be either the pebble watch directly or the network.  This means you can install the app on two devices and the second one, selected to ‘network’ data source will mirror the screen and alarms that are shown on the other device.

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