Release of OpenSeizureDetector V2.0

pebble_screenshot_2016-02-17_21-41-11I have finally fixed the last few bugs (that I know about), and have Released V2.0 of the OpenSeizureDetector Pebble Watch App and Android App.

There are a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ changes to the Android App to make the code easier to maintain in the future.  From a user’s perspective, the changes yopebble_screenshot_2016-02-17_21-41-54u will see are:

  • You can mute the alarms using the top watch button (long press).
  • You can manually initiate an alarm using the bottom watch button (long press).
  • The system should be easier to install from scratch because it will prompt you to install the Pebble Android App and the OpenSeizureDetector watch app if they are not installed.
  • There is a new start-up screen that shows which bits of the system are working – this will help with fault diagnosis as the main screen is not displayed until everything is ok.
  • The main screen has two graphs that show how far the system is off alarming – when both bars get to the right and side and turn red, it alarms.
  • The system settings have been organised into different screens to make it easier to find things.
  • The ‘general’ settings allow the user to select a ‘datasource’  this is either ‘Pebble’, in which case the system talks to the pebble directly, or ‘network’, in which case it will receive data from another device running OpenSeizureDetector – this is useful to extend the range of alarms to other parts of the house (this is what the OpenSeizureDetector Client app does – so the client app is now redundant).

Although I have fixed a lot of bugs in this release, the changes have been so significant that I am bound to have introduced new issues – please feed back any issues you have – ideally to the Facebook page I have set up so others can see it, otherwise email me (

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