Beta Release of OpenSeizureDetector 2.0.6

I have been working on a new
release of OpenSeizureDetector for some time, so I thought I ought to release it to other users.

The main changes areScreenshot_2016-07-29-08-58-54Screenshot_2016-07-29-08-58-41

  • Added menu option to view log files to help with tuning it for yourself.
  • Changed main screen graph to bar chart and highlight frequency region of interest.
  • Fixed problem with log files not showing on web interface.
  • Added system log file to help with de-bugging start-up/shutdown issues
  • Improved handling of watch app settings to make sure
    they are loaded correctly without having to re-start app (but I’d still
    recommend re-starting the watch app manually to be sure 🙂 )
  • Added options to switch off spectrum display on watch to save battery.
  • Reduced amount of bluetooth comms to the watch to save battery.
  • Added support for future watch app features (such as raw mode and digital
    filter mode).
  • Added watch app to Android phone app package so watch app can be
    installed directly from phone rather than using pebble store – to make sure that watch app and Android app are always compatible.

I have just released V2.0.6 to the Beta Test part of the play store – you need to register as a tester to use it (    I’ll give it a couple of days and publish it as the main version.

Note that when you install the new android App you MUST select the ‘Install Watch App’ button or menu item to install the new watch app that is compatible with it (V2.2 of the watch app).

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