OpenSeizureDetector Reliability Issues?

We have been woken up during the last couple of nights with the annoying warning pip from OpenSeizureDetector.   I am not sure what the issue is because I don’t think any of the software has changed for a few weeks and it just started happening.

There have been two issues

  1. the ‘server’ phone disconnected from our home wifi for some reason and only re-connected when I turned its screen on (no idea why, but not too much of a worry – probably some sort of wifi interference from somewhere).
  2. the ‘server’ phone showed a ‘Fault’ warning with ‘Watch App Not Running’ – this means it has not received any data from the Pebble watch recently.   The watch appears to be working ok, so I don’t know if it is a problem with the watch not sending data, or the Android Pebble App on the phone not telling OpenSeizureDetector that it has received some data for it.

I have set up our spare watch and phone to see if they do the same – I might end up swapping over the watches – the spare is older though and its battery is not as good and its screen keeps corrupting, which might annoy Benjamin…..

Is anyone else seeing similar problems?  Please let me know ( or the OpenSeizureDetector Facebook page).




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