Detection of Short Seizures

I originally set up OpenSeizureDetector to detect long (>1 minute) seizures so it waits to see seizure-like shaking for several seconds before raising alarms.

A couple of users said they would like to detect short (few second) seizures, so I have created a new version of the app that allows the sample period to be set by the user, so you can tell it to analyse data say every second rather than the default 5 seconds.

New settings in v2.0.7 - sample period and sample frequency.
New settings in v2.0.7 – sample period and sample frequency.

I suspect that doing this will give a lot of false alarms, but I have provided this so the users can try it and see if it works for them.

This feature is available in version 2.0.7 of the OpenSeizureDetector Android app, and version 2.3 of the watch app.  The correct version of the watch app is included in the Android package so you can install it from the OpenSeizureDetector menu.

It is available on the Beta testing channel of Google Play Store – subscribe here to access it.

As usual, feedback would be appreciated – if you do not change the settings, it should behave the same as before – please let me know if this is not the case.


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