Embrace Watch has Arrived!

Well, nearly two years ago I ordered an Embrace watch, which is intended to detect seizures using other parameters in addition to accelerometers – this should make it more accurate and have less spurious alarms than OpenSeizureDetector.

I nearly didn’t publish OpenSeizureDetector because the Embrace was due to ship in June 2015, but in the end I published it because I was a bit sceptical of whether they would hit the June target and thought others may benefit from OpenSeizureDetector as a stop-gap….I am glad I did because the Embrace has only recently arrived, so OpenSeizureDetector has been in use for a lot longer than I expected.

Alas, I have not managed to get Embrace working yet – the watch is reporting connection issues, but the phone says everything is ok.

The Embrace Alert App only works with phones running Android 5 and above (not tablets), and I only have one of those, so haven’t checked if it is a phone problem or a watch issue yet….

I have left a review on the Google Play Store with some comments, and emailed them more information, so hopefully they will address these soon.    Until then we will be sticking with the Pebble Watch and OpenSeizureDetector…..


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