Production Release of V2.3.2

I have just released V2.3.2 of OpenSeizureDetector as the main version of the App on Google Play Store.   The main changes in this version are:

  • Changes to the Watch App to improve efficiency (Note this will also make it more sensitive, so you may need to increase the Alarm Ratio Threshold setting from the default of 30 to between 50 and 60 to reduce false alarms).
  • Improved start-up screen that has buttons to help solve problems with set-up, and make initial set-up easier – updated installation instructions page to match.
  • Added an initial run message prompting user to subscribe to updates to this web site or the facebook page.
  • Added facility to auto-start the app on phone boot up.
  • Added GPS location information to SMS alarm notification messages.
  • See for more details.

Next I will start work on converting OpenSeizureDetector to work with Android Wear and wrist worn Android Phone devices so it will continue to work once Pebble Watches are no longer available.

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