What do we mean by ‘Odd’ Behaviour for Seizure Detection?

About Benjamin

Benjamin is very autistic, and has profound learning difficulties, so we are trying to detect behaviour that is ‘odd’ for Benjamin.    This means sitting still for an extended period (he rarely says still) or sitting or lying in unusual postures – but he often lies on his bed in a different directions etc.

Below are examples of normal and odd behaviour.   He will not do things on demand, so I have had to dress as Benjamin and simulate some of them….

Examples of ‘Normal’ and ‘Odd’ Postures


NORMAL: Lying on back propped with pillows, under IR illumination
NORMAL – lying on back, propped up on pillows







NORMAL: Lying on front, head to foot of bed, under IR illumination.
Normal – lying on front, head to foot of bed.

NORMAL – Sitting in chair reading
NORMAL: walking around bedroom
NORMAL – Benjamin not in room

Odd – Graham Demonstrating

ODD: Arms in air
ODD – Lying at unusual angle across bed
ODD – Lying at unusual angle in bed
Odd – Sitting on edge of bed.
ODD – Sitting on edge of bed

Odd – Real Benjamin Images

Odd – on edge of bed
ODD – Kneeling up on bed
ODD: Propped up on arms
ODD : Arm at unusual angle.
ODD – Propped up on arm
Odd – Kneeling up in bed