Project Goals

This project came out of concerns we have as parents about our Son’s Epilepsy, which left me wanting to develop a seizure detector/alarm to tell us if he is having a seizure – see Purpose of Project for a more personal background.

When I talk to people about this project I am often surprised by their assumption that I would want to patent the technology developed and make it a commercial venture.   This is not my intention – I have written it for my personal use, but have published all of the information I have gained and source code written under a free licence in the hope that it will be useful to others.

The project goals are therefore:

  1. Detect Tonic-Clonic seizures.
  2. Raise an alarm to warn a carer that a seizure is occurring.
  3. Run on low-cost hardware where possible.
  4. Require minimal contact with the patient (no contact preferred)
  5. Does not require the patient to lie on any special equipment.
  6. The software will be Open Source, so other people can make use of it and benefit from it if it suitable for them.


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