Similar Projects

There are a few other projects that have similar goals that have started up while I have been working on this, which readers may like to look into:

  • Charity or Open Source Projects
    • This project, especially the Pebble Smart Watch version.
    • The Dravet Foundation is working on something similar and I have been exchanging information with them – they were initially aiming to use a Microsoft Kinect sensor, but I think they are now looking at other detection methods.   I am not aware of any published output from their work yet though.
    • Michael Long is working on an opencv and raspberry pi video based detector – He is currently recording progress on his Epilepsee Facebook page, but is intending to move that to
    • Epdetect – an android app that uses the accelerometer in a mobile phone to detect seizures.  I have had trouble with it crashing during testing.
    • PebbleSeizureDetect – An open source pebble based seizure detector utilising a band pass filter technique and SMS alarm initiation.
  • Commercial Projects
    • A recent crowd funding campaign for a smart watch based device called Embrace appears to have been successful.  I think it will use other physiological parameters as well as acceleration which sounds good – I have ordered one to see what it does, but don’t know when it will actually arrive, so I thought I’d finish off my pebble based one anyway because it is so close to completion.   The manufacturer has confirmed that there will be an API to access the data from the Embrace watch, so we should be able to use the same alarm infrastructure with Embrace as we have for the pebble version.
    • An organisation called Neutun has recently released a Pebble watch based seizure detector.   The watch app runs as a background process, so you can use the watch for something else too.   When a seizure is detected it records it on the Neuton web site.   They are planning on a SMS based notification system for it.
    • Smart Monitor offer a pebble based seizure detector that utilises a subscription based web service.
    • SAMi Sleep Activity Monitor:  A video based detection system – uses an IP camera (looks like a Y-Cam Knight) and an iPhone or iPad to display the video and raise alarms.  There is no Android version.  The camera costs $399 USD, but the iPhone app is free.     I’m not sure why the camera is so expensive – it implies it is cleverer than a simple IP camera.
    • – sell a wrist mounted sensor that can connect to a mobile phone.  But it is eyewateringly expensive at £995 – ten times the cost of a pebble watch.
    • Note that there are also several commercial seizure detection systems available, but these all seem to rely on having a sensor underneath the patient, and there is no way I will be able to persuade Benjamin to lie on a sensor pad!

I am sure I have forgotten some….


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