Pebble Watch Seizure Detector


What it Does

The pebble watch monitors for the sort of shaking movements associated with a tonic-clonic epileptic seizure or a person falling to the ground, and sends updates to an Android server device (such as a phone) using the Bluetooth radio on the Pebble watch.

The Android Server will raise alarms to alert a carer if  seizure is detected.

See the What it Does page for more details.

How it Works


See the following links for details of how the seizure detector and alarm system work.

How it Works

Seizure Detection Algorithm


The source code is all available for reference on my Github repository in the ‘pebble_version’ folder.

Installation Instructions

The Installation Instructions page provides some basic instructions for installing the system and testing it, along with a Troubleshooting guide.

There are several settings that can be adjusted to alter how the detection algorithm or alarm system works – for detail see the Settings page.

Future Developments

Some ideas for future development of the system are listed on the Future Developments page.

App History

The history of public releases of the three applications (the Watch App, the Android Server App, and the Android Client App is given on the App History page.

Testing Results

A record of the findings from testing the system is provided on the Testing Results page.


A short video demonstration of the watch based seizure detector can be seen here.


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