Pebble Version – Future Developments

The current version of the Pebble Smart-Watch based seizure detector is quite basic to allow users to experiment with it and see if it works for them.

There are quite a few features that could be added to improve the system, in particular the Android App.   These include:

  1. Add ‘active’ alarms (SMS or email to another device). Done in V1.7
  2. Provide capability to analyse log files, not just produce them (not essential).
  3. Allow logging interval to be changed from android device settings (not essential).
  4. Make it possible to change the seizure detector settings from the android device (Done in V1.1 of watch app and 1.10 of Android Server App).
  5. Convert the watch app to be a background process so you can use the watch for other things while it is running (Abandoned because background processes can not access the bluetooth message system, so can not communicate with the Server device without popping up a foreground process – would be ok for a pure alarm system, but not for regular updates and logging on the phone).
  6. Provide a ‘Cancel Audible’ button in client app to temporarily cancel audible alarms in case an activity is giving spurious alarms – (Done in client App V 1.2)
  7. Provide an Android client that will monitor the seizure detector via wifi as a background process and raise alarms if a seizure is detected (Done – changes in V1.6 allow new app to communicate with it).
  8. Add spectrum graphs to web interface (done in V1.0, but crashes android browsers!).  (Fixed in V1.4)
  9. Add spectrum graphs to android display (Done in V1.4)
  10. Add data logging and alarm logging to SD card (done in V1.3)
  11. Add App version number to main display, so users can report which version they are using (done in V1.3)
  12. Make android server beep on alarms, even if only background service is running (done in V1.2)
  13. Fix crash on Android V4.2.2 (done in V1.1)

If you have any other thoughts on improvements, please either add them  as a comment on this page, or email me (

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