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There are at least three of us testing the Pebble Watch based Seizure Detector that I know of.   This page is a list of issues identified during testing.   Please let me know, or add a comment if you have any other experiences to add.

False Alarms

  • Brushing Teeth (not too surprising because the frequency is similar to the movement we are trying to detect for a seizure).
  • Driving with hand on gear stick (must transmit the few Hz vibration from the gearbox).
  • Talking in meetings (I discovered how much I must move my hands when I talk, because I tend to go beep…).
  • Benjamin playing with his magnetic Sudoku cube (spec power=25, roi power=105 so quite well above the alarm threshold of a ratio of 3).  I don’t know how to filter these out….

Genuine Alarms

  • I don’t know of anyone using this when they actually had a seizure yet.

Application Crashes

  • Watch can disconnect from the phone after working ok for several days.  Just selecting ‘connect’ in the pebble phone app does not work.   It is necessary to switch the watch bluetooth off and on again.

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