Pebble Version – App History

Seizure Detector Watch App

The Seizure Detector Watch App runs on the Pebble watch and collects accelerometer data for a period (5 seconds) before analysing the data for evidence of seizure like movements.   It sends status updates to the Seizure Detector Android App regularly so the server can raise alarms if necessary.

The watch app is available on the Pebble App Store.

  • V1.1 (04 April 2015)
    Added ability to set seizure detector parameters from android server app.
  • V1.0 (actually labelled 0.1 on pebble app store) 22 Feb 2015
    Initial public release for testing.

Seizure Detector Android App (Server)

The Android Server app connects to the Pebble smart watch and receives data from the watch.   It raises audible alarms on the server device, provides a web interface so other alarm clients can connect to it to monitor for alarms remotely, and can send SMS alarms if required.

It is available on the Google Play Store.

  • V1.10 (04 Apr 2015)
    Added ability to change watch seizure detector parameters from Android server app so the user can tune the sensitivity of the detector to their requirements.
  • V1.9 (24 Mar 2015)
    Fixed issue with multiple instances of server starting when screen is rotated.  Improved display of pebble battery level by requesting pebble settings when app starts.
  • V1.8 (22 Mar 2015)
    Added audible fault warning alarm to alert user to system faults.
  • V1.7 (19 Mar 2015)
    Added SMS text message alarm notification option.
  • V1.6 (08 Mar 2015)
    Minor changes to web interface data format for
    compatibility with new android client app.
  • V1.5 (06 Mar 2015)
    Added access to log files from web interface (and changed web interface
    to use jQuery-mobile).
  • V1.4 (05 Mar 2015)
    Added spectrum graphs to the web interface and android app.
  • V1.3 (04 Mar 2015)
    Added data and alarm logging to SD Card.
  • V1.2 (02 Mar 2015)
    Fixed audible bleep on server phone so it will work in background.
    Added Settings screen with option to switch audible alarm on and off.
  • V1.1 (01 Mar 2015)
    Fixed problem with device sleeping and stopping web server working.
    Added graphs of acceleration spectrum to web interface.
  • V1.0 (23 Feb 2015)
    First Play Store release

Seizure Detector Client Android App

The Seizure Detector Client App connects to the server via wifi and mimics the server display and alarms.  The advantage of using the client is that it can be anywhere on the home wifi network and does not need to be within Bluetooth radio range of the Pebble Watch, which is the case for the Server.

The client app is available on the Google Play Store.

  • V1.3 (22 March 2015)
    Added fault warning audible alarm to alert user to system faults.
  • V1.2 (14 March 2015)
    Added ‘Cancel Audible’ button to mute alarms for a short period.
  • V1.1 (10 March 2015)
    Added option to mute warning alarms and full alarms, and alarm test menu options.
  • V1.0 (08 March 2015)
    Initial release on App Store.


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