Updated Android App for Pebble Based Seizure Detector

Screenshot_2015-03-03-23-15-19A few improvements to the Android App associated with the pebble based seizure detector over the last couple of days.

  • Version 1.2
    • Updated service so that alarm beep will sound even if main app display is not visible.
  • Version 1.3
    • Added logging to sd card – records data to sd card regularly (every minute) and when a warning or alarm is raised.
    • Added app version number to main display so users know which version they are using to report issues.

Version 1.3 should appear on the Google Play Store in a few hours.

Benjamin wears his new watch

Benjamin wearing his new Pebble Watch Seizure Detector
Benjamin wearing his new Pebble Watch Seizure Detector

Quite a success today – Benjamin is tolerating wearing his new Pebble Watch Seizure Detector – pressure on me to get the Android alarm server application working properly now!

We have had a couple of spurious alarms from some of his more ‘odd’ behaviours, but when he is bouncing around like that he is so noisy that we know he is ok, so that’s not such a concern.


(For an explanation of why an 18 year-old wearing a watch is a success, see About Benjamin).



Pebble Smart-Watch Version – Progress Update

The Pebble Smart-Watch seizure detector is looking very promising.   The software to run on the watch itself seems to be quite reliable at detecting shaking, without giving false alarms during normal activities.

The watch application is published on the Pebble App Store.



We have a rudimentary android app working that talks to the Pebble watch and acts as a web server that clients can query to get the alarm status etc.   This is on the Google Play Store.

You can see a demo here:  https://plus.google.com/+GrahamJones/posts/P9mWstgqP8N?pid=6111006693838101826&oid=106497137253664241170.

The main issue currently is that it works fine with the phone plugged in and charging, but if it is running on battery, the web server goes to sleep so does not work.   For my application this is ok, because we will always be using it in the house, but for it to be useful for others we may want it to work outdoors – I think there is an android permission to stop the phone sleeping that I will have to use.

But, looking promising!

All source code is on the project Github Repository.